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Project title:


Lead Partner:

Regional Development Agency SA in Bielsko-Biała (PL)

Project partners:

P1 - Regionálne finansenské a informačné centrum Prešov (SK)

P2 - Rzeszów Regional Development Agency SA in Rzeszów (PL)

P3 - Subcarpathian Film Commission at the Provincial House of Culture in Rzeszów (PL)

P4 - Inovačné partnerské centrum, Prešov (SK)

P5 - SOKÓŁ Małopolska Cultural Center in Nowy Sącz (PL)

Project description:

The scope of the project shall include:

  1. Development of an online Film Cultural Heritage (CDF) portal for the cross-border area with the CDF database and a database of local / regional threads for the cross-border area.
  2. Mapping the FDK route and development of the associated digital FDK map.
  3. Carrying out educational and information activities in this area (seminars, workshops, study visits)
  4. Development and implementation of common cross-border standards and guidelines supporting the preservation and protection of natural and cultural heritage and favoring the increase in the environmental friendliness of film and TV production.
  5. Implementation of a joint promotional campaign supporting the implementation of the project objectives and increasing the effectiveness of its impact.

The project will create an integrated system of information, education, dissemination and promotion of the KFC in the cross-border area, favoring the development of film tourism, influencing the development of other areas of the economy and extending the common cultural and natural offer of the borderland, which will enable the sustainable use of its resources. Standards and guidelines will be developed favoring the increase in the friendliness of film and TV productions to the natural environment and the natural environment of the program area. The thematic and area scope and the manner of project implementation have a cross-border dimension, i.e. the activities will be implemented jointly throughout the area.

The project is dedicated to stakeholders involved in tourism, recreation, involved in film cultural and natural heritage from the PL-SK border area, including public administration, including Marshal's Offices in Poland in PL and Offices of Higher Territorial Units in Slovakia, municipal and city offices, film commissions, tourist, educational and cultural organizations, the creative sector (film and TV), tour operators, tourist guides, clusters, development agencies, filmmakers, media representatives, tourists, environmental institutions and the local community.

Project aims:

The main objective of the project is the proper use, promotion and development of the film cultural heritage of the border area, increasing its tourist attractiveness, developing sustainable solutions and tools aimed at developing environmentally friendly film production and creating a stable partnership to ensure the sustainability of the results achieved.

Specific objectives:

  • Increasing the involvement of cultural institutions, tourism and the media for the development and promotion of CDF;
  • Identification and sustainable use of film heritage resources for the development of the borderland;
  • Development and implementation of common guidelines for the protection and preservation of natural heritage.

The project is a response to the identified problems related to the failure to use the resources of the natural and cultural heritage of the PL-SK border area, the lack of sufficient knowledge about the impact of cinematography on other sectors of the economy, the lack of promotion of the film's cultural heritage (CDF) potential, the lack of standardized tools and sufficient awareness of the film sector and TV, regarding the impact of film production phases on the natural environment, it is appropriate to use, promote and develop the border area FDK, increase its tourist attractiveness, develop sustainable solutions and tools aimed at the development of environmentally friendly film production and create a partnership to ensure the sustainability of the results achieved.

Implementation period:

1.11.2020 – 31.10.2022

The value of the project:

€ 908,552.65
FUNDING FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION: 85%, i.e. € 772,269.75

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg VA Poland-Slovakia Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020.


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